Double-entry bookkeeping made easy for living your best financial life records your financial transactions in text files, visualize them into financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, trial balance, etc.), and helps you live a better financial life.

double entry bookkeeping with Beancount

Beancount Open-sourced iOS and Android App.

The mobile code is publicly available, scrutinized by people. That level of transparency ensures both the security of the App, and your peace of mind concerning what we do with your data.

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Your Privacy is Our Priority.

We protect your email and ledger with AES256, your password with BCrypt, and your network requests with SSL.

Your profile data we can see in our database...

  "_id": "5d70a2c5581c028e2a29ee97",
  "isBlocked": false,
  "email": "GgjsD2bSqhyLwgbvOgNH1wQ1so/KubzdeUDZ4KLgThFI3xKnENrpCNjBORSuo2TmI=",
  "password": "$2a$10$QMvCSsRGkfZGS/YZ6tdmJ.wF7dNV0BGgkd0IdUASHQ9II7o.BYd0S",
  "createAt": "2019-09-05T05:53:09.452Z",
  "updateAt": "2019-09-05T05:53:09.458Z",
  "__v": 0

Your ledger data we can see in our database...

  "_id": "5d70a2c501db00a4bec8e0be",
  "file": "main.bean",
  "ledgerId": "ab624ea2-9d12-4a81-8872-5731174ebe33",
  "userId": "5d70a2c5581c028e2a29ee97",
  "__v": 0,
  "text": "kKdwaLe8TJAtZNxW7lIw8whrx3XkWdOZntKlmXYL3J0xGZVl3czcRfXXA9UGiq..."

One text ledger to rule them all.

Crypto, real estate, cash, stock, or even multi-currency account - you are the master to catch 'em all, empowered by the flexibility of and the accuracy of double-entry bookkeeping.

Simply add entries like this...

2010-03-20 * "Bought the beautiful Brick Lane house from Joe Oldowner"
  Assets:US:RealEstate:BrickHome      1 BRICKHOME {175000 USD}
  Assets:US:BofABank:Checking                      -50000 USD  ; Downpayment
  Liabilities:US:BofABank:Mortgage                -125000 USD  ; Loan

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