Upgrade Servers and Fava to 1.17

2021-01-07 02:06

Maintaining a secured and performant online service is never a one-time thing. It takes effort not only to develop new features but also to renew existing functionalities.

Stale software puts our customers at risk of security vulnerabilities. How do we reduce this risk? On the one hand, we proactively work with security researchers to find and resolve unexpected issues. On the other hand, we merge the latest version of the upstream software periodically.

Today we are glad to share some improvements we have made to improve Beancount.io.

  1. We upgraded the server and sped up the service up to 30%. Service availability was also greatly improved.
  2. We upgraded the MIT-licensed open-source software Fava to version 1.17. It fixed various bugs and added many new features.

Feeling excited? Try it now at https://beancount.io/ledger/

Having questions? We will be there for you at https://t.me/beancount :)